How To Make a Woman Orgasm. and Orgasm.

how to make her orgasm How To Make a Woman Orgasm. and Orgasm.

We all know that making your woman reach that erotic peak has it’s advantages. Read on…You’ve just finished dinner with your woman and she nods at you for her dessert. The look in her eyes pound through you like a vibrating drum, speeding up your heart rate and pulse. She slips into her see-through panties and stares at you like a Cheetah about to devour it’s prey. You know she wants you, just as much as you want her. You know her body is aching your touch, so you whisper softly in her ear, “I’m gonna make love to you so bad”.

STOP! There are a few rules you need to know before trying to pleasure your woman. Sex is more satisfying if men understand women better.

STEP 1: Set the MOOD.

Pre-heat her oven. First of all, women are not, as men are, immediately stimulated by sight. Making love is a slow process for them. They need more time to take-in everything and the moment. For women to desire you and want to make love to you, you need to make them feel attractive and appreciated. Don’t treat them like a service provider. (Unless she likes role playing and pretending to be a stripper). Refer to the article “8 tips for better sex” on how to get her aroused and set the mood. The right atmosphere depends on the woman. Does she prefer the old fashion romantic setting with candles and a massage? Or does she want it randomly on the table after dinner?

STEP 2: Get her wet.

Women feel good about themselves when they look good, hear compliments and feel loved. Tell her how beautiful she is. How nice she makes you feel. How she excites you.  “You looked so hot in your mini black dress…mmMMm…I just wanted to rip your clothes off at the club (or dinner party) last night and do you right there!” Whisper sweet words to her while gently touching her and softly kissing her, but don’t fondle the genital area just yet. Give her time to absorb the sweet things you are saying to her. Notice her change of breathing. Is she getting relaxed? Is she letting out small quiet mmms, aahs, and ohhs? These are some signs she’s ready for more touching.

STEP 3: Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay!

Now that she’s more relaxed, take a little more control. If she doesn’t like you touching a certain part she will lightly push you away. That just means she’s not comfortable with you in that area, just yet. Respect her. Ask her what feels good and what doesn’t. Just don’t ask her every 30 seconds. It could ruin the mood. Talk Dirty to her if she likes that. Try stroking her inner thighs while telling her how hard you are and how badly you wanna fuck her. You want her to anticipate. Make her want you to go inside her so bad. Don’t rush, take your time and work up the suspense. Women need much longer foreplay than men. (As a side note, some women would rather have you refer to sex as “making love” rather than “fucking”.)

Step 4: Intercourse, or hands free

In porn movies, women are expected to cry and moan when they are having an orgasm (or every 3 seconds) and because of this some women fake it. Humans are natural people pleasers, and sometimes women do this to make their man feel special. You can say this is bad or good,  but in reality when a woman is close to getting an orgasm, they grow more silent and withdrawn. Their eyes  close and they focus on the penetration and sometimes replay erotic fantasies. You’ll know a woman is really having an orgasm by her whole body trembling, toes curling and their insides tightening up against you. At this point they don’t want you to stop or slow down. Some guys make the mistake by getting slower and even literally stop. If you wait too long, they will lose it and it will be a while until they climax again.

Even through oral sex, you can make a woman die in pleasure. In general, you want to use more tongue and less teeth. The key to eating her out is to focus on her clitoris and using a lot of spit. I won’t get in depth about oral sex in this article, but nothing compares to the feeling of a woman exploding with orgasmic juices in your mouth. If you’re a clean freak, go home.

So don’t stop, keep going, go in deeper, and while you do that, caress her breasts, kiss her neck, lightly pinch or suck her nipples and stroke her clitoris with a finger or two while your going in and out of her (yes, that’s probably a run-on sentence but so is SEX!). Women are easily aroused and sensitive through the touch of their breasts and clitoris and this excitement swims all over their body to the walls of their vagina which triggers an orgasm. Have some patience. On average, It takes about 20 minutes into intercourse for us to climax and orgasm. When you feel the walls of their vagina tightening around your penis, don’t stop!! Even after they cum, they can still enjoy intercourse.

Step 5: Notes.

- It is important to note that not all women are the same. Every girl is different which means just because an old girlfriend orgasms just by your touch, doesn’t mean your current woman will do the same. You should find out what makes your woman cum, and cum again.

- If you’re smart, you should just ask her. She’ll tell you what turns her on or makes her orgasm. You can’t be Kung Fu Master yet.

- Some women squirt. This is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact this should be a compliment and you should never put a woman down about this.

- Some women can achieve multiple orgasms, which is fantastic! In general, for a woman to be classified as multi-orgasmic they need to have dozens of orgasms continuously, back-to-back. Many woman can have more than one orgasm, but only a few are truly multi-orgasmic.

- Some women love anal sex. I personally don’t recommend this for various reasons. But it is a fact that women can reach blazing orgasms when done right.

- Toys can be introduced in the mix, just don’t get jealous. Although that warm vibrating toy can definitely please her in so many ways, it will never replace you.

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