How To Make A Boob Cake

boob cake01 How To Make A Boob Cake

So we got a request to bake a cake for our friend “Big Luke” who was turning 26 this year. We needed to put our thinking caps on and brainstormed about making a guitar cake, a wedding style cake… but none were nearly as “Wow” as the Boob cake. What more could a guy want for his Birthday cake?

Here’s the steps we did to make a Boob Cake:

Step 1: Gather your material

Cake Mix (Yes, we decided to buy pre-made mix and just add eggs and milk – bought at Michaels Arts & Crafts – Vanilla flavor)
Wilton Bowls (Soccer bowl pans for baking – You may find these at Michaels Arts & Crafts)
Fondant (Again, found at Michaels Arts & Crafts)
Food Coloring (For the fondant skin tone – we suggest peach, brown and yellow)
Icing (Any will do, this is just to be used as paste between the cake and fondant
Fondant Roller (To roll the fondant out)
And other basic materials such as a baking pan, knives, spatulas and the base of the boob cake

wilton bowls How To Make A Boob Cake

We found these Wilton bowls at Michael’s Arts & Crafts, and they were in a box that had a soccer ball on the front. These Wilton bowls are round, and have a rounded bottom. Please note that not just any bowl will do, they need this rounded bottom.

We could have mixed our own cake mix, but decided that this Boob Cake is really for looks, we made a real cake on the side for people to eat.

Step 2: Bake the cake

Now, you must bake the cake inside of the two Wilton soccer bowls. Follow the instructions on the cake mix box. Use a toothpick to check how “done” the cake is. If the toothpick has cake mix stuck to it, your cake is not ready. But, don’t overcook your boobs.

Once the cake is done, let them cool and then flip them over a base. We used just a simple thick cardboard base with aluminum foil wrapped around it, but you can be fancier than that. You now have two bare boobs to play with.

Step 3: Roll the fondant

Now, take your fondant and start adding small drops of food coloring to get the desired boob skin tone. Please be warned, that adding too much food coloring can be a mistake! Add one drop at a time, and start kneading the fondant as if it were playdo.

Once you have the desired boob skin color, you can now roll that fondant out with your roller. You want to make sure the fondant is somewhat thin, not thick. Once the fondant is rolled out flat, carefully peal it off and neatly place it inside the wilton bowls to get that rounded mold. The trick is creating a sheet of fondant that will lay over the boobs, using the wilton bowls as the … boob mold.

Rub icing on each of the boobs as if you were making a piece of art. Don’t add too much, as it will come out of the base of the boob. Place the fondant boob molded skin onto the boob cake, carefully!

Step 4: Create the nipples

boob cake02 How To Make A Boob Cake

Now that you have 2 magnificent breasts, you need to finish it off by adding nipples. Use your food coloring to color the fondant, and make the nipples as hard as you want. Some people like to make the areola big (the round part under the nipple), but some like it normal. It’s up to you, Master Chef.

Don’t forget to use toothpicks to poke small holes in the center of the nipples. Push the boobs closer together as well, to make cleavage.

Step 5: Optional – Add a bra, bikini top, or blouse

This step is completely optional and you can do whatever creative mind desires. For this one, we decided to add a white bikini top last minute, just for fun. We made this by using the extra fondant we had left over, rolling it out and cutting it with a knife.

boob cake03 How To Make A Boob Cake

And that’s how to make a Boob Cake!

Please note that this was our first time ever baking a cake, and it turned out pretty good! The party liked it, and so did the birthday boy, Big Luke!

Here’s a few key notes:

  • Don’t refrigerate your Boob Cake unless you plan on presenting it right away. If you refrigerate it and then let it sit at room temperature, it will sweat. Yes, boobs look good sweaty, but not cakes!
  • If your Fondant mix gets too hard, add a little bit of water to moisten it up and keep kneading it.
  • You can go all out and create the waist, hips and neck if you want, just plan it out!
  • This boob cake took one box of cake mix, so you may want to get two boxes if you want extra body parts
  • I’ve seen people use patterns to mold the fondant, then cut a bra out with it. Just be creative!

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