Why isn’t My Girl Crazy About Me? The Facts of Life.

why woman aint crazy for you Why isnt My Girl Crazy About Me? The Facts of Life.

It’s a fact that women are attracted to men who don’t suck up to them. Yes, I’ve seen many married couples where the guy bows down to his woman and all she has to say is “jump” and he’ll ask, “How high, and how long?”. Doesn’t mean she’s crazy about him, it just means she’s comfortable with someone who obeys her, for now.

Fact #1: Women will settle with you if your a Beta Male
The truth is, Beta males follow the crowd and avoid confrontation. They are okay with doing what the women want, because they’re “In Love”. Just because she sticks with you doesn’t mean she’d stay with you if she found someone else more attractive.

Fact #2: Women appreciate nice guys, but won’t die for them
Yes, a nice guy is someone who always says “Yes” to his woman, and never plans dates. Or he tries to plan dates but doesn’t take control. I’m telling you now, if you are this guy, you better stop it. Do you politely ask your girl if you can kiss her? Are you a bitch?

Fact #3: Women hate insecure men
If you’re a guy who gets jealous or get’s hurt easily when you see your girl talking to another man, then please pay special attention here. Women hate it when guys constantly ask if they are “OK” or if they “Need something”. They hate it after the 3rd time. Women hate guys who get butt hurt over small things. Especially when he “thinks” his girl is upset because of him. Grow some fuckin’ balls you tool.

Fact #4: Women love bad boys
In life, women can be conservative at times, gentle, soothing and nurturing. So why the fuck would they want their man to be like that too? I’m telling you, you can be cocky but still be nice and funny. If you’re at a party and you put a nice guy head-to-head with the pushy flirty bad boy of the group, who’d win the girl? I bet you the one who makes the other girl feel good and sexual, not the one who gives her a gay-ass rose petal.

Fact #5: Women want men to take charge
Even if your girl is an “Alpha Female” who likes it her way, or no way, DON’T get on your knees and try to suck her dick. Challenge her, flirt with her, tease her, then let her have her way… sometimes. Women want a challenge. Don’t start a fight with her, or you’ll lose. Instead, make her think she’s right, then you can tease her privately while your cuddling. Timing is everything.

Fact #6: Women hate guys who “wait” for them
Come on now, this aint a “let’s wait for that video game to come out” type of deal. She don’t want you waiting for her. Don’t say everything is “on her time” and try to play it off as if you’re a loser who has nothing to do while she lives her life. Don’t stay at home and wait for her while she’s out with her friend on girls night. If she’s “not ready” for you to meet her friends, family, or in general “announce your relationship” to the world, then find PLAN B. MAKE her want to do it, by raising her attraction towards you. MAKE her feel like introducing YOU to her friends and family. DON’T WAIT. How do you MAKE her,you ask? Lol, that’s a whole new article. But just remember, never chase a woman, never push a woman. I swear I’m going to write an article on the “push-pull method” someday.

Keep these things in mind, and remember, all women are different – so strategize. Do you know that women like drama? Not fighting and arguing drama, but the kind of drama in movie and television shows. Does he like me? Who was that girl? How does he feel?

Trust me, you’re girl isn’t Crazy about you because you’re not leading her the way.

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    to add to this article… Why isn’t my girl crazy about me?

    You’re girl IS crazy about you, she’s just not going to show you every minute of the day. You gotta take the lead. You gotta take control sometimes.

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